AES filing made easy.
Last week the United States Census Bureau announced the reinstatement of two AES exemptions: 30.37(q) and 30.37(r). These sections of the U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations pertain to temporary exports, carnets, and to goods that were imported under a temporary import bond (TIB) for return in the same condition as imported.

AES exemptions describe situations in which exporters are not required to file information about their shipment to the U.S. government via the Automated Export System. Now there are two more such situations.

30.37(q): Temporary exports, except those that require licensing, whether shipped or hand carried, (e.g., carnet) that are exported from and returned to the United States in less than one year (12 months) from the date of export.

30.37(r): Goods previously imported under a Temporary Import Bond for return in the same condition as when imported including: goods for testing, experimentation, or demonstration; goods imported for exhibition; samples and models imported for review or for taking orders; goods imported for participation in races or contests, and animals imported for breeding or exhibition and goods imported for use by representatives of foreign governments or international organizations or by members of the armed forces of a foreign country. Goods that were imported under bond for processing and re-exportation are not covered by this exemption.

So if one of these scenarios applies to your export shipment, you do not need to file in AES. Simply state “NO EEI 30.37(q)” or “NO EEI 30.37(r)” on your shipping documentation.

See the Federal Register here to read the regulatory change in its entirety and here for more information about AES exemptions.