AES filing made easy.
Last year the Automated Export System (AES) switched over to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). But the change was on the back-end and didn’t noticeably affect users of AESDirect.

Now the first sampling of what’s to come is available for users of the old AESDirect. The Census Bureau has announced that exporters can now interact directly with ACE through the web domain of US Customs and Border Protection at ACE previously was only available to record imports into the United States.

Exporters cannot yet file their outgoing transactions in this system. But they can request a history of their export shipments via ACE Trade Export Reports. This electronic system replaces the previous data request procedure where a typed letter had to be sent by post to the Census Bureau.

Here is broadcast sent by the Census Bureau with details on how to get set up on ACE Trade Export Reports.

Beginning June 27th the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Secure Data Portal supports a new account type, “exporter”, for trade users. Establishing an exporter account will facilitate access to ACE Trade Export Reports. Remember that an exporter account will be required to access the ACE AESDirect filing portal when it is available later this year.

To establish an exporter account and to access training material, visit: trade/information-notice- trade-community-ace- deployment-e.

For technical questions related to ACE Exporter Account or ACE Trade Export Reports Contact:

CBP ACE Account Service Desk at 1-866-530-4172, selecting option 1, then option 2, or e-mail

ACE Export Trade Reports

ACE Export Trade Reports will be accessible through your ACE Exporter Account. However, if you are not a current ACE Portal Import Account User or you have additional Employee Identification Numbers (EINs) that are not associated with your ACE account you will be required to complete the U.S. Census Bureau’s vetting process for each EIN new to ACE.

Note: You must request “Authorization for Reports” using your ACE Exporter Account for each EIN.

Vetting Process

Print the Certificate of Authority (COA) form on your company’s letterhead.
Sign the printed form.
Scan the signed COA form and e-mail it to
Respond to any additional verification questions necessary to confirm your eligibility to access the requested reports.
The vetting process begins once all steps are complete and are handled in the order received.

If approved, you will be notified via e-mail and your reports will be accessible the next business day after the approval process is complete.

Read more on the implementation of the new export filing system, ACE AESDirect. Customs and Border Protection is releasing it alongside other new ACE capabilities as “ACE Deployment E.”