AES filing made easy.
That is from their most recent broadcast email. The new AES, or “Refactored AESDirect,” will become mandatory in early 2016. In other words you will no longer be able to use the old orange website,, come early next year. A timeline:

Late October 2015

The new AESDirect website, Refactored AESDirect, will be available to file exports. But you can still use the old one, which will then be called “Legacy AESDirect” until…

Early 2016

The old orange “legacy” AESDirect website, electronic digital interface (EDI), and AESPcLink will no longer be available. These export filers must use Refractory AESDirect. This system is overseen by Customs and Border Protection, rather than the Census Bureau, and will be part of the same system used for imports (ACE).

Mid 2016

AES Weblink filers too must transition to a new system. This is relevant for companies who have purchased or developed their own applications to communicate with the US government trade filing systems.


AESDirect filers have to sign up for ACE Exporter accounts sometime between late October and early 2016.

Or if you already file imports via an ACE importer account, your company’s Trade Account Owner (TAO) has to contact CBP via to request the addition of export functionality to your account.

A how-to guide for filing exports using the new systems is available at Customs and Border Protection’s website.