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Export filing solutions for individuals, small businesses, and vehicles to Canada. The easiest way to get an ITN. Just $50 per filing.

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Simplified Trade Solutions provides a way for individuals and small businesses to get an ITN from U.S. Customs’ Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) AESDirect system. We act as the authorized agent for your export to help you file your shipment and meet U.S. legal requirements without complicated government websites and forms. We provide the easiest way for you to get an AES ITN.

Transporting vehicles cars, tractors, snowmobiles, etc. — to Canada.

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Exporting basic goods worldwide from the US.

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Moving personal items to your new home address overseas.

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ITN filing services for a wide range of exports

  • Ports along the US-Canada border

  • USPS

  • FedEx

  • UPS

  • DHL

  • Other carriers and freight forwarders

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We can get your ITN through U.S. customs’ ACE-AESDirect system for vehicles going to Canada, for basic goods over $2,500 in value being exported from the United States, and for individuals moving abroad who must file their personal household goods.

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