AES filing made easy.
Customs keeps chiseling away at its new export system. Through their partners at the U.S. Census Bureau they recently announced a new field in the commodities section of the application to put data pertaining to Partnership Government Agencies (PGAs). PGAs include an array of government agencies such as the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), etc., that sometimes want to know what is leaving the United States.

Other changes in ACE-AESDirect from the announcement:


  • The Shipment Manager will now show the user who created or last took action on each filing, not just the original user who created the filing
  • All the activity for a specific Shipment Reference Number (SRN) will be shown through a new History View (Count) feature on the Shipment Manager
  • The design and functionality of the commodity line will be enhanced with the ability to enter required PGA data

And more and more port codes are being eliminated. The last few months saw these nixed.

  • 3981 Waukegan Airport, IL
  • 3983 Chicago Executive Airport, IL (formally Pal-Waukee Municipal Airport)
  • 3985 Decatur Airport, IL
  • 4185 Hulman Regional Airport, OH
  • 4506 Spirit of Saint Louis Airport, OH
  • 0181 Lebanon Airport, NH
  • 0409 Provincetown, MA
  • 2772 Gateway Freight Services, LAX, CA
  • 2773 Air Cargo Handling Services, LA, CA
  • 2774 Virgin Atlantic Cargo, LAX, CA
  • 2792 DHL-HUB Riverside, CA
  • 3820 Mackinac Isle, MI
  • 3844 Ferrysburg, MI

Gone! We’re weeping here at Simplified Trade Solutions.

Some ports were merely updated.

  • 5301 Houston, TX. This one can now be indicated for shipments by vessel.
  • 0901 Buffalo – Niagara, NY. CBP in Buffalo now does exports by vessel, rail, road, air, as carry-on (passenger hand-carried), and as fixed transport.