AES filing made easy.
Exporters often hesitate to file for their ITN early when unsure of their exact export date. Or, plans change after the filing has already been completed, and they wonder if they need to file for a new ITN as a result of the new date.

But there is good news: We can revise your ITN’s date after it has been filed. Simply email us the new date, and we will fix your ACE-AESDirect shipment. The ITN remains the same during these updates.

Here are some general rules to keep in mind regarding your export filing’s date.

  • You can postpone your export date up to 120 days into the future.
  • Related to the above, you may file your export and get your ITN up to 120 days before the shipment is planned to leave the United States.
  • There is generally no limit to how many times you can delay your export. In other words, your ITN doesn’t “expire.” So long as you filed it through us, Simplified Trade Solutions, we can fix it.
  • You can’t backdate shipments, i.e. file using a date that has already passed.

If you’re unsure of your exact export date, enter an estimate. Later, when plans become more certain, email us (if we filed for the ITN on your behalf) and we will update your filing. We want to help ensure that you have an accurate, timely filing with U.S. Customs.