AES filing made easy.

These additional procedures for vehicles titled (or sold) in New York were announced by the US Department of Homeland Security on February 5, 2020 in response to New York State’s Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act of late 2019. The act limited U.S. customs’ access to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Records.

Implications for exporters of New York-titled vehicles to Canada

Exporters of vehicles from the state of New York now have to complete form MV-15 from the NY Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a vehicle title abstract.

The MV-15 process can be completed faster, sometimes within a business day, if done online here:

The NY DMV will in turn present you with a vehicle title abstract, a history ownership, to show US customs.

Completion of the MV-15 title abstract does not apply if you are the original owner of this vehicle and your name appears on the title of the vehicle being exported and the vehicle is lien free. In this case you don’t need the vehicle title abstract. Present the title, bill of sale, or certificate of origin at the local US customs port to prove ownership.

CBP Detroit does not allow these exceptions and requires the title abstract for all New York titled vehicle exports.

CBP Alexandria Bay requires the physical title and MV-15 form to be hand delivered or sent via courier 72 hours to prior to export.

CBP Blaine does not process exports for New York titled vehicles.

Contact US customs at the local port for the latest information on these changes and for that port’s procedures.