Moving household goods

Here you can get an AES ITN if you are exporting personal and household effects and tools of trade. This includes furniture, clothing, instruments, tools, and other effects in excess of $2,500 in value. The items must be

  • owned by the exporter or his immediate family
  • in the possession of the exporter at the time of or prior to departure
  • necessary and appropriate for the use of the exporter or his immediate family
  • intended for the exporter’s use or the use of his immediate family
  • not intended for sale.

This does not include vehicles. If you are moving to Canada and have a vehicle with you, we can file that separately (for a second ITN) if you complete this form.

We charge $35 to file household goods on your behalf. The bill will be sent by email. All major credit cards are accepted via Square or PayPal.

Once you receive the ITN it should be entered on an export document, such as at the bottom of the content description column of a bill of lading or air waybill.