Basic consumer goods

This is the most straightforward way to get an AES ITN for your shipment overseas. We specialize in helping infrequent exporters such as individuals and small businesses. It works sort of like US customs’ Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)-AESDirect system, but is reduced to show only the information necessary. We take care of the difficult aspects such as classifications and codes for you.

Use this form for:

  • low-tech consumer goods over $2,500 in value
  • up to two commodities
  • U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, DHL and other couriers
  • any freight forwarder requiring an ITN

Don’t use this form for:

  • more than two commodities
  • commodities on the Commerce Control List, such defense items, high technology, or potentially dangerous “dual use” items
  • shipments otherwise requiring a license
  • shipments to sanctioned countries or to international waters
  • inbond shipments or those involving U.S. foreign trade zones
  • partial information or post departure “option 4” filing
  • vehicles

For these more complicated shipments use your own ACE exporter account. But we’ve got you covered for the rest.

Our price: $35. We’ll send an invoice to your email after you get the AES ITN.

Let’s get started.